Bad Art

My son produced a picture that signals trouble for any theory of information.

I have recently been playing with rituals and stability. Some images that examine the generation of Eigenforms in ritual  can be found on the liturgical page.

The resonator is a form which typically involves two asynchronous video loops, and an audio loop, which is also not in any way synchronised with the video.  If watched for a longer period, the viewer will necessarily start to fabricate transient synchronisations. To assert that you have actually seen a resonator, you undertake to stare at it for a minimum of 27 seconds. Then you can move on, and you have seen (or been with) the resonator.

Resonator examples here.

Another form combines two non time-synchronised videos and a sound track, all with independent clocks, but the trio repeats as a loop. Now listen carefully: these videos all show real sex and masturbation. If you don’t like that kind of thing, don’t go there. I like to look at these and consider all the subjectivities involved. As if the two panels were aware of each other. Then there is the third subjectivity of the person filming the two loops. That’s represented by the audio.

Threesome examples here

Or there is an iconic fMRI study you might like.

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