These are resonators. Each has three parts. Two are moving looping pictures. One is sound, also looped. The loops are short, but not particularly synchronized with each other. But as a viewer, you have the pleasant option of perceiving synchronization among the various parts. This induces resonance, and so, despite several well-meant alternative suggestions, this form is now called the "resonator".


For these to work best, you need to watch them for several iterations, say at least 30 seconds each. Think of it as a bit like trying to spot the repeating pattern in wallpaper (except that the repeat is in time, not space). Some of these images contain nudity.  Those are clearly marked "NSFW". Do not click on those links if such material offends you.

This is really it
(very NSFW)
Falls Chocolate Twits
Heart GoatFoot Walking Huygens
Booty Organ
(mildly NSFW)
Gaze Ready
Wink Chew Clown
Turn Juggle Mouth Walk